Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace Quiz

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Alcohol is the most abused drug in society today. It is a depressant and affects vision, judgment, reaction time, memory, and most important, public safety. Blatant drunkenness is easy to detect on sight, and so it is assumed that most employees would not show up for work in this condition. However, it is possible for one’s state of intoxication to be less outwardly visible, thereby giving a person a false sense of security in feeling that he/she can function cohesively while only a “little high” or with a “small buzz.” In either case, the resulting effect can be fatal.



Source: Implementation Guidelines for Drug and Alcohol Regulations in Mass Transit, April 1994.

Recent statistics reveal that more than:


· 60% of burns, 

· 40% of falls, 

· 40% of fatal highway crashes,

· 69% of boating accidents, and

· 76% of private aircraft accidents

are alcohol related. 


The annual toll in terms of fatalities in our country is staggering:


· 24,000 people will die on our highways due to the impaired driver.

· 12,000 people will die due to the alcohol-affected driver.

· 2/3 of all Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related vehicle accident during their lifetime.